About OCS

On Contact Solutions mission is to help the Hospitality industry take control of their Bed Bug infestations using the most effective Bed Bug treatment available. Offering both a contact kill, and long term preventative, O.C.S. can offer peace of mind. A problem that is in everyone’s interest to solve, O.C.S. can for the first time allow hotel property managers, travelers, and employees that their bed and property is protected.

For years the industry has tried to brush this issue under the rug. With no way to prevent Bed Bugs and only treat after an infestation has occurred there were few options available. Dealing with Bed Bugs is a fact of life. We pride ourselves on having an innovative company that is constantly keeping up with the latest treatments and most cutting edge products. We understand the emotional and physical impacts of Bed Bugs, which can often linger even after the Bed Bugs are gone. By using the right combination of Bed Bug products, we can guarantee that Bed Bugs infestations will not occur. 

O.C.S. Corporate Office
Jeffrey M. Tomback
President / CEO
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Jordan M. Tomback
Vice President Operations / Sales
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Margery P. Entwisle CPA, MBA, MA
Chief Financial Officer
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       O.C.S. Specialists and Consultants
Dr. Jeffrey K. Brown Ph.D., R.P.E., B.C.E.
State Entomologist / Mississippi
Director General / Founder American Academy of Entomological Sciences 
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O.C.S. United States Sales Team
Art Fisher
Southern California Sales
Phil Tabies
Northern California Sales 
Scott Ravelson
New England Sales
Mark Peltier
Mid West Sales
Katherine Anne Quinn
Mid – Atlantic Sales
Paul Kaunick
Southern Sales

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