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Bed Bug information is constantly being updated. New data is always being presented to the market. On Contact Solutions prides itself on keeping up with the most current Bed Bug news. Taking information from all over the web, On Contact Solutions hopes to make itself a one stop shop for everything you need to know about Bed Bugs. From effective treatments, lawsuits, recent CDC press releases, new dangers regarding pesticide use, and the ever expanding problem of Bed Bugs, OCS can properly educate all consumers as to the best way to handle this very serious issue.

Bed Bugs have been around forever. Since the the earliest man lived in caves, there were problems with bed bugs. Something you either dealt with or moved, these menacing pests have been an issue for quite a while. Creating Bed Bug headlines now and again there are some stories that truly peak our interest. Below you can find just how serious the issue is and how some people are trying to handle it. Citing a wide variety of news and scientific sources the following information  is meant to inform and educate. 

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Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite




Hotel owners urged not to sweep Bed Bug’s under the carpet

December 11, 2012
Hotel owners are being warned to deal with bed bugs effectively after an increase in reported problems linked to the blood-feeding insects.Basis Prompt, a register of pest controllers, has received a spate of reports about health problems caused by not dealing with the insects swiftly and efficiently.

Waldorf Astoria Faces 3rd Bed Bug Lawsuit, Seeking $10,000,000 in Damages!

January 5, 2012
The Waldorf-Astoria has been hit with a third lawsuit by a guest who claims she was ravaged by bedbugs during a night at the tony hotel. Svetlana Tendler, a doctor who’s currently a stay-at-home mom, visited the Waldorf during a trip to NYC with her family in August 2007. That makes this the earliest known incident of bedbug biting at the hotel, and suggests the Waldorf has been struggling with an infestation for much longer than previously believed. (The other two lawsuits are the result of bedbug bites from 2010.) Tendler wants $10 million from the hotel to compensate her for what the bedbugs did to her, and says she needs plastic surgery!

Foggers prove innefective against Bed Bugs

June 7, 2012
Consumer products known as “bug bombs” or “foggers” have been sold for decades for use against many common household insects. However, recent research published in the Journal of Economic Entomology (JEE) shows these products to be ineffective against bed bugs. In the article, “Ineffectiveness of Over-the-Counter Total-Release Foggers Against the Bed Bug (Heteroptera: Cimicidae),” appearing in the June issue of JEE, authors Susan C. Jones and Joshua L. Bryant provide the first scientific evidence that these products should not be recommended for control of this increasingly worrisome urban pest.

Bed Bugs attack POP singer

September 3, 2012
As pop singer Lauren Hildebrandt visits radio and TV stations across the USA to promote her new dance hit this fall, she’ll be talking another, unlikely subject: nasty bed bugs. Why? Hildebrandt was attacked by the hard-to-kill, blood-sucking pests in an unidentified luxury hotel – that’s right, luxury hotel – in New York City’s Union Square neighborhood, she tells Hotel Check-In.

CDC warns about Bed Bug pesticides

November 30, 2012
If you’ve got a bedbug infestation, you probably want to do whatever necessary to get rid of them, including spraying your home with pesticides. But earlier this week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned about a steep rise in injuries from misuse of pesticides to control the bugs. Health effects ranged from mild to serious, including one death. Using pesticides that are designed for outdoor use indoors or using too much pesticide were often the cause.

Holiday Inn employees strike after wrong pesticides made them sick

November 19,2012
On Friday, the group filed a complaint with Cal-OSHA, alleging a worker got sick after being exposed to pesticides used to treat bed bugs. “He was sent in to clean 15 rooms that were treated with serious pesticides to treat bed bugs. He suffered a severe allergic reaction,” said Leigh Shelton, a union organizer supporting the Holiday Inn workers.

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