On Contact Solutions offers innovative Green Bed Bug Control Solutions     

Now offering VA – 88; a new field-tested and lab-tested  Green, 100% Non Toxic, Non-Chemical, Hypoallergenic Bed Bug Eliminator that’s effective 12-months.

There is a very quiet problem that screams to be solved: BED BUGS !!!!! On Contact Solutions hears you and can solve your problem. Using a revolutionary process we can provide the first option to Treat and Prevent Bed Bugs. Employing a 100% Green formulation this is a true Non-Toxic Bed Bug Solution.  Whether you just had a Bed Bug infestation and you don’t want another, are trying to deal with an active infestation, or are worried you may get one in the future, On Contact Solutions can assist. We will help you establish a program to take control and Remove all Bed Bugs on your property and Prevent Bed Bug further infestation for a full year. 

Simply sprayed from a pump sprayer, this solution removes the Bed Bugs’ waxy outer layer which causes the Bed Bugs to dehydrate and die. Because the destruction of the Bed Bugs’ life support system is a mechanical action and not the result of the use of pesticides, there is no known entomological resistance to VA – 88. As a result, On Contact Solutions can help you institute a maintenance program that will Prevent Bed Bug infestations forever by simply spraying VA – 88 once a year.

—  Click to view the Independent Testing performed by Dr. Jeffrey Brown, PH.D., R.P.E, B.C.E, at the American Academy of Entomological sciences —

About Bed – Bugs: Attacking while you rest, Bed Bugs are common in  Hotels, Motels, Universities, Retirement homes,  apartment complexes and anywhere you sleep. With limited and expensive treatment options the problem of Bed Bugs has reached epidemic levels. Laying hundreds of eggs at a time they can travel by hitchhiking and spread without your knowledge. Considered one of the hardest pests to eradicate they hide in the cracks and crevices and very difficult areas to clean. Living long periods and laying eggs which take months to hatch you may think you removed Bed Bugs only to have them return months later. 


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      VA – 88 in Action (2 mins 33 secs)

Bed Bugs send T.V. Producer to the hospital (4 mins 53 secs)   Bed Bugs Becoming an Epidemic (3 mins 32 secs)

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