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Eliminate and Prevent Bed Bugs : VA – 88 with Residulen 

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On Contact Solutions presents VA – 88. A green 100% non-toxic, non-chemical, Bed Bug eliminator that lasts 12 months and is easy to spray by anyone. VA -88 is a Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) 25(b) exempt solution that kills Bed-Bugs and other similar insects (such as cockroaches, ants, millipedes, carpet beetles, silverfish, fleas, ticks) On Contact, and leaves a Residual on fabrics and fibers that will continue killing for up to ONE FULL YEAR.

  • When applied directly to the pests, adults and nymphs are killed in just a few minutes.
  • 12-Month Residual – When applied to fabrics (including bedding, carpets, furniture, drapes), VA -88 residual will kill Bed Bugs for up to one full year.
  • VA – 88 is FIFRA 25 (b), GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and does not stain or smell.
  • A UV tracer makes it easy to determine where it’s been applied (yields a sparkle under a black light).
  • VA – 88 kills mechanically. The waxy outer layer of the Bed Bug is actually removed. Other techniques only interfere with body function.
  • Evolutionary resistance has made some bugs immune to chemical, non-mechanical killers. There is no known resistance to VA- 88.
  • Other treatments do not kill all of the adults, nymphs and eggs, and don’t leave a residual. VA- 88 keeps working well after the application has been made, greatly reducing call-backs. Note: It is only effective long-term on fabrics and fibers, not hard surfaces like tile.
Residulen™ is a Synthesized Soybean Oil.
 VA- 88 being sprayed to completely protect this hotel room

VA-88 Professional Testimonials
“Cimi Shield Knock-Out has been incorporated into our comprehensive integrated pest management solutions, offering our customers a non-pesticide residual alternative. It has been especially useful as a complement in our thermal remediation treatments and/or sensitive accounts where medical/health conditions are an issue.”
-John Downey
Pest Pro, Inc., New York, NY

“Thank you for introducing me to Cimi Shield in November 2012. We had just taken over two buildings with a bad case of bed bugs. We went in with Cimi Shield and I am happy to say these accounts are bed bug and insect free a year later. What a great tool for our arsenal.”
Todd A. Pemberton, President
-Bugs Are Gone Exterminating, Brooklyn, NY

“Cimi-Shield is a grand slam, especially in sensitive situations. When servicing infested accounts, I run the risk everyday of bringing bed bugs home. I have applied Cimi-Shield in my apartment for my own protection. That’s how confident I am in its effectiveness. I’m so grateful for CImi-Shield!”
Cesar Soto
-Freedom Pest Control, New York, NY

“I tried Cimi-Shield on some bed bug-infested apartments and within two weeks all activity had ceased. I am now in the bed bug business.”
David Huff
-A-Plus Pest Management, Cleveland, TN

“At first we were apprehensive due to the cost of the product, but we tried it and got amazing results. Now that we trust it, we are able to sell long-term control for a higher price. Cimi-Shield is a great fit for us and our customers; our profits are up and our call backs are way down. Our sales team loves selling Cimi-Shield jobs.”
-John Russell, President
Action Termite and Pest Control, Toms River, NJ

“We used Cimi-Shield on a 150+ room senior housing facility in Sacramento. Starting from the top floor and working down to the kitchen and common areas, the material performed just as promised. We even performed our own field tests through the 30 day process and were pleasantly surprised by the results. Quick kill with direct contact and death within 12 hours from treated surfaces! We are now making it a permanent part of our bed bug protocol.”
-James G. Roe, Pest Control Director
 North American Home Services, Sacramento, CA

“We have really been pleased with the results that we have attained with this product combined with our protocols. It did require a little innovation on both parts, but we feel that we have a good partner with the product. Our results have been outstanding. In the instances that we have utilized Cimi-Shield, we have achieved 100% control.”
-Bob Wagner, President
 Wagner Pest Solutions, Phoenix, AZ

“The benefit was felt immediately. Prior to the treatment we logged many, many bite complaints ever week. Since the Cimi-Shield application our log book is virtually empty.”
-Donna Miller, Executive Director
 Samoshel Homeless Shelter, Santa Monica, CA

“With Cimi-Shield we get call backs we like – repeat business, not retreat demands. I hope my competitors don’t find out about Cimi-Shield.”
-Bob Lee, Owner/Operator
 Enviro Safe Pest Control, Prescott, Arizona

“We service a kidney dialysis facility where critically ill (and often elderly) patients are transported in daily from other facilities or residences. Along with other patients, there was a daily influx of bed bugs. We needed not only an effective green treatment, but a nontoxic residual as well. Cimi-Shield solved the problem and there have been no call backs or recurrence.
We have used the product in homes, hotel rooms and apartments with equal success. The fact that the product is green, nontoxic and effective makes it an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of applications without worrying about potential harm to humans, animals or the environment. The year-long residual reduces callbacks and gives our clients peace of mind.”
-William V. Hill, President
 P.M.P. Management Services (Orkin franchisee, Florida)

“Paul Dacey of E.S.P. had used many different products over the years at our facility, but the story was always the same; after a few weeks the biting resumed. With Cimi-Shield we are now more than three months in, and our residents simply are not being bitten. We feel such relief and are thankful for E.S.P. for bringing this great product to our attention.”
-Angela Fonseca
 Executive Director, Interim House, Dorchester MA

“We treated our entire hotel and have since been infestation-free.”
-Mary Wood
 Super 8, Washington, MO
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