Recent Litigation

Embassy Suites Hotel, San Rafael, California: A woman is suing an Embassy Suites in San Rafael, CA for an unspecified amount of damage claiming she suffered 80 bed bug bites during an overnight stay1.

Hilton, Ohio: A woman spent two nights in a Hilton in Ohio, got 150 bed bug bites, and is proceeding with a $5 million dollar lawsuit charging physical scarring, emotional distress, and embarrassment2.
Hilton Suites, Phoenix: NYC Opera singer is suing for $6 million based on one night of misery, and the bites3.
Hotel Pennsylvania, NYC: Two Swiss woman are suing a prominent Manhattan hotel for an unspecified amount of damages due to physical pain, mental anguish, emotional distress, and lost earnings4.
Howard Johnson, Winnipeg, CA: A man is suing the Howard Johnson for damages claiming he suffered pain, embarrassment, and permanent scarring5
Mandarin Oriental, London: Prominent lawyer is suing a posh London hotel for several million dollars after a bad Bed Bug incident6 (MSNBC, 2007).
Marriot International, Inc, Pennsylvania: A traveler brought a neglegience law suit against against Marrriot International Inc. to recover for injuries he allegedly sustained as a result of being bitten by Bed Bugs at the Springhills Suites Marriot Hotel in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania7.
Milford Plaza, NYC: A hotel guest sues hotel for 2 million and hotel’s exterminator for negligence8(, 2008)
Motel 6, Chicago: Couple is awarded over $372,000 in damages over Bed Bug bites 9.
Nevele Hotel in Ellenville, NYC: A Chicago woman is suing the Nevele Hotel for $20 million after waking up one morning with over 500 Bed Bug bites10.
Rodeway Inn, Virginia Beach, VA: A mother and her daughter sue a Rodeway Inn for $400,000 for an alleged Bed Bug attack11.
Roger Smith Hotel, NYC: A couple is suing the Roger Smith Hotel on Lexington Avenue of negligence for allowing the infestation and failing to get rid of the Bed Bugs12.
Silom Springs,Ark: A Siloam Springs woman has sued a motel, claiming that her bed was infested with bugs and that she now suffers recurring nightmares13.


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Picture8Tripadvisor sued over publishing Bed Bug reports